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Faq & Contact

Where is your order? You thought it was going to take 24 hours because you picked priority or overnight.

Our shipping policy states most orders ship within 24 to 72 hours. We process orders in the order they were received. We do our best to work on weekends because we know people need their masks. However, when new cities and states issue ordinances for masks we get flooded. We do our best to process orders to be shipped within 24-72 hours. Many companies who promise 24 hour shipping are based overseas and your package will still take many days to be delivered. Once the order ships, most of our customers receive their packages within the next day or two, and within 3-4 days on the east coast.


Why don't we offer UPS or FedEx?

We did but they slow us down substantially when filling orders. Our local post office needs us to use a certain form and we are unable to use that form if we offer any other shipping services. When we used UPS many customers complained about their packages not being delivered when they thought they would. We have now decided to only offer USPS in order to expedite your order and allow for Saturday delivery.


Are the masks washable?

The masks are washable. The filters are NOT.


How do you wash the mask?

For your health, please wash your hands to avoid dust and virus infection on the inner mask.

After using the mask, please store in a clean and dry place. Avoid folding flat as to not damage the nose bridge.

Suggested cleaning method: REMOVE the PM 2.5 filter before cleaning. Dilute water with a neutral detergent, place mask in water and brush it flat. Air dry.

Replace with a new filter.*Do not put the mask in a washing machine with other clothes. It is recommended to wash often, minimum once a week.

We personally use a spray bottle with alcohol and spray our masks and let them DRY, whenever we take the masks off. However we are not experts or in the medical field and only go the post office and store. We wash often as well.



How often do you replace the filter?

There is a lot of conflicting information about the longevity of the filters. We were told by our manufacturer 1 to 2 weeks. Our manufacturer is assuming that you are only leaving the house a few times per week. We also found that it's the amount of hours that you use the mask. Some say 30 to 50 hours of use before needing to replace. Sorry we couldn't be more definitive.


Can I wear the mask without the filter?

We don't advise it. However there are two layers of fabric between your mouth and the exhaust valve. There are also adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose bridge. So you are still getting better protection than pulling a t-shirt over your face by far!


Why don't you have replacement filters and when are they arriving?

Filters are in shock now!


When do refunds get processed?

If there was an error that was made and we are refunding you, we process refunds within hours of request. Unfortunately, our website e-commerce platform, Shopify, takes up to 10 days to refund our customers. We have absolutely no control over this and think it is absolutely ridiculous. Lame, we know!



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We are honest about what we know and what we don't know. Our research found these masks to be highly effective because of their PM 2.5 Carbon Filter. We are not doctors and encourage you to do your own research.
Be Well and Safe!

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